Welcome to TRP Lab, the place where consumer psychology is brought to life. Together with our network of thinkers and makers, we help organisations to peek into their customers minds – and help build solutions with a positive impact on decision making.

Some things
we think about…

  • It’s estimated that only 0.0004% of incoming information is consciously registered.

  • Subtle changes in brand names can mean large shifts in a consumer’s thoughts.

  • When shopping in store, many of us only spend a third of a second making our shopping decisions.

  • Analyse

    Reviewing current business practices or developing new ones through quantitative and qualitative research.

  • Build

    Designing business models, physical environments or online platforms from a behavioural point of view.

  • Educate

    Hosting workshops and lectures to learn about the inner workings of the consumer’s mind.

  • Heart shaped imagery has been shown to make us feel more generous – and likely to spend.

  • Sometimes increasing your prices can indicate high quality, resulting in increased sales too.

  • We now produce as much data in 2 days, as we did from the dawn of civilisation till 2003.

You have a vision and targets. We have the brain power to unlock minds. Let's talk.